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Adventure tourism in Jharkhand

Nature is a great teacher. Trek through it. Take lessons from it. But remember The nature is shy. It normally doesn't lift its veil. Once it does so to eager ones, they are simply struck dumb, they forget to promise, but keep on returning, again and again.
Adventure is the future of tourism in naturally vibrant Jharkhand. The vibrant state of Jharkhand is rising as a hot destination for adventure tourists. Jharkhand Tourism is taking all initiative in establishing it a major adventure destination of India by opening up the Jharkhand Adventure Tourism Institute, which would offer training courses in various adventure sports to adventure lovers. Jharkhand plans to offer scuba diving, rafting, canoeing, sailing, kayaking, snorkeling, paddleboat, paragliding, parasailing, to mountaineering, trekking, jungle safaris and host of other activities. More than 15 potential spots have already been identified by Jharkhand tourism, which would be developed as adventure sites. The list of popular adventure spots includes Sita falls, Dimna Lake, Kanke dam, Buridih Lake, Chandil Lake, Massanjore, Maithon dam, Sahebganj, Tillaiyya dam, Tenughat, Betla, Kelaghagh (Simdega), Rukka dam, Hazaribagh and Chandwa.
Unveil the beauty that Jharkhand facilitates for adventure tourism incorporating other adventurous activities such as paragliding and parasailing which are growing in the state. Parasnath and Satpahar hills are considered to be among best sites in the country for paragliding and parasailing opportunities.

Water Sports, Giridih

A water reservoir some 8 km North-East of Giridih headquarter is one of the best site for water related adventure sports and bird-watching. A watch tower and 600 feet high hillock offers a panoramic view of Khandoli site. Elephant and Camel Safari and numbers of other amusement facilities are available there including boating , Rock-climbing ,Parasailing and Kayaking.

Hot air balloon show

The hot air balloon is the oldest successful human-carrying flight technology and is very nice adventure sport. It is organized to attract tourists, who themselves enjoy the beauty of nature from the sky. Proper training is also provided to handle the flight.



Parasailing training, Giridih
Walking on Air
Parasailing is an exciting aero sport harnessed to a half cut orange shaped parachute called 'Parasail', which is towed to a jeep on land or by a motor boat above water up to a height of 300 feet with the help of a roap attached. At this height there is no engine, no sound, no pilot, only excitement and thrill. The flight is controlled entirely by the operator from jeep or boat.

Rock climbing
Rappelling, River Crossing and Trekking are a part of mountaineering training, which inculcates team spirit, crisis handling abilities & leadership. Khandoli Hill with it's vast range of rocks, offers varied challenges to beginners as well as to experts. Introductory training is provided during the camp by skilled instructors of the academy. Optimum safety is secured for the beginners.



Humans desire of flying like a bird has really come true by 'Paragliding'. Walking on a ridge at a hill top, feel smooth breeze of wind on your face, lay out your wing from the back pack, with a gentle pull inflate your canopy. Run up for a few steps and you are talking to birds in air. No sound, no roaring engine, no pollution, no canophony of your co-passengers really make free flying alone or with your instructor in Tandem wing.

After passing the training one could go for a skyride, dedicated pilots fly for hours, go for cross country, catch the thermals and touch the clouds. The Academy offers introductory Paragliding training during the camp, by which you could feel free flying, under the supervision of skilled pilots & certified instructors, duly recognised by Govt. of India. Safest and best quality imported equipments are used by the Academy. The Academy also offers gradual training to make you a skilled paragliding pilot.


Airmenship training is being imparted by 'static line controlled Aeromodels and Remote Controlled Aeromodels'. Theory classes as well as practicals teaches you, how to make flyable model aircrafts how they are flown.

Water Surfing

Floating over the water bodies (Khandoli Dam) with the support of a pulling made by a speed boat. You simply need to balance yourself over a surf board only.  It's a beginning of water skiing you need not have prior experience. Provided life jackets, non-swimmers can also do it safely under the guidance of skilled instructors.


Laterhar District -

Latehar District has always been the best destination for Adventure Tourism in Jharkhand. Latehar district has been created on 4th April 2001. Previously, it was a subdivision of old Palamau district of Jharkhand State. Latehar district is situated between 84deg. 31 min. East latitude 23 deg. 44.4 sec north latitude.The geogrophical area of the district is 3651.59 square kilometers. There are 7 (Seven) Development Blocks, namely Latehar, Chandwa, Balumath, Manika, Barwadih, Garu and Mahuadar


Jharkhand Adventure Tourism Institute
Adventure is the future of tourism in naturally vibrant Jharkhand. At least the tourism department projects seem to go a long way in establishing the state as a hot destination for adventure tourists. Two special sub-committees have been set up to speed up the work on both setting up Jharkhand Adventure Tourism Institute and studying potential for developing adventure sports sites. If all goes well, the state would offer right from scuba-diving, snorkeling, rafting, sailing, kayaking, canoeing, paddleboat, parasailing, paragliding to trekking, mountaineering, jungle safaris and host of other activities.
The spot assessment committee would see the scope of developing the area as an adventure tourist spot and what kind of equipment are necessary. The members would be required to speak to local people and select a few capable and interested persons who could then be trained.
The decision was taken at the first meeting of the proposed institute’s executive council which was chaired by tourism and planning secretary Arun Kumar Singh, also the president of the council. Two special sub-committees were also set up to work out the details of the institute and its activities.
Other members include the institutes’ vice-president, tourism director, director of art, culture, sports and youth affairs, nodal officer from NISWS, director of army adventure directorate, air force adventure directorate, representatives of the DGP, representatives of GOC and others.

 Tata Steel Adventure Foundation
 The Foundation provides scope for a wide variety of adventure sports, such as rock climbing, river rafting, para sailing, etc. The 40-old adventure clubs under its umbrella maintain a hectic pace of activities for outdoor enthusiasts. There are a number of other private clubs offering a variety of sporting activities such as golf, tennis, squash, billiards, horse riding etc.

New Initiatives
The fascinating natural contours of Jharkhand -
Fascinating natural contours at Jharkhand offer the best site for adventure tourism in the country. Parasnath and Satpahar hills in Giridin district are rated among best sites in the country for paragliding and parasailing. Lower Ghagri, Lodh Water Falls and Rajadera are the hidden treasures for adventure tourism in the country, Come to Rukka dam for the ultimate yachting experience.


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