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Jharkhandi Cuisine

The Jharkhandi cuisine is traditional and combination of various locality in Jharkhand Region. Some are traditional and others are adopted from mixed culture of adjoining areas. As India is famous for monsoon and its beautiful quarterly seasons; mainly winter, summer and rain, that brings variety of cuisines with itself. But, there are some major cuisines those are used in all the seasons such as Rice, Roti, Daal, Tarkari and sweets. 

In general, the food cooked in Jharkhand is considered to be very light on the stomach and easy to digest. This fact can very well be demonstrated by the nature of Jharkhand food habits that have been imbibed by the native folks. Litti and Chokha also form an important portion of Jharkhand food. The mouth-watering non-vegetarian Jharkhand food preparations like spicy chicken are also popular with a considerable section of Jharkhand. The cuisine mainly associated with this state also bears a faint touch of the robust Mughals which is vividly visible in the food of Jharkhand.

It is the land of untamed beauty! The sheer rawness of nature and the tribes reflect everywhere in the state, and that's what makes the state more beautiful. The special cuisines of Jharkhand emit the same aroma of raw and pristine nature. They will tease your tongue and leave a primitive and untouched tang both in your mouth and your mind, a flavour you never felt before.

Cult, Cuisine and Camaraderie
It says history, geography, economics, science and culture of a state, all culminate in a single thing, the food. The food habits of Jharkhand show how the cuisine of the state has experimented and evolved over centuries under the influence of various culture and regimes which controlled it from time to time. It's really amazing to discover how the cuisines have inculcated that traits of different culture be it tribal or any other among them.

Lord Buddha attained enlightenment in this region and thus the traits of Buddhism have brought a significant influence over the culture of the state. Here people are largely vegetarian though many are fond of chicken and meat dishes also. The regions have been under the regime of mighty Mughuls and the exotic Mughul preparations had also left an indelible influence over the local cuisines. The most amazing information is that the Jharkhand cuisine has imbibed the best aspect of the Gupta, Mauryan, Turk, Afghan, European and even Tribal style of cooking. That's why it bears a distinct hallmark of this verdant land.

Folklore of Food
Rice and wheat are the staple diet of Jharkhand. Vegetables are grown in plenty and through culinary journey; they are translated into a variety of delectable dishes, geared to induce assorted palates. The typical meal of Jharkhand includes phulka, rice, dal, tarkari (sabji) and pickles of different varieties. The typical meal of the thali changes its contents of tarkari according to the seasons.

The gem of Jharkhand cuisine "Chhonka" is (tadka) prepared with "Panchforon" (a mix of five seeds-souf, sarson, methi, ajwain and mongrila). Its smell is captivating and the test is heavenly. People here are very fond of doing "Bhoonjana" to food items, this implies light fry. Dishes are generally very spicy and colourful, just like the state itself. Mainly mustard oil is used as a medium of cooking.

Powdered gram salt of sattu is very popular throughout the state. sattu is like a power house, dishes and drinks made from sattu can charge you with immense energy within a minute. The tribal people of the state also have their own unique patterns of cooking the food. The main ingredients of a regular tribal meal in the Chhotanagpur region comprises of maze edible roots, mahua flours, millets and tubers.

Make the mystery, taste the nature!

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