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Exams enable the students of Jharkhand to check their level of competence. In this world of growing competition, the exams in Jharkhand help the students to strengthen their prospects for future.

The Board exam is the very first public exam of Jharkhand. The Board exam is the first inter-school exam that each and every student of Jharkhand is entitled to sit for. At the end of the 10th academic year, the students of Jharkhand appear for their Board exams. This is one of the most vital examinations at Jharkhand. This exam is very important because based on the results of this exam; the students have to decide on which stream to go for viz: arts, science or commerce.

The Board exam plays an integral role in the pattern of education in Jharkhand. It goes without mention that the students prepare thoroughly for the board exams. These exams in Jharkhand help the students of Jharkhand to keep track of their progress: the board exams seem to be the first milestone in the academic career of the students of Jharkhand.

Then comes the +2 examination. At the end of the 12th Academic year, the students have to undergo an examination. After completion of the +2, a student is entitled for admission into the college. Besides those who aspire to become doctors or engineers, have to sit for an entrance examination.

Jharkhand Education is centered around the examinations conducted under the State Boards, Universities and Colleges. Jharkhand Madarsa Examination Board, Jharkhand Intermediate Exams Board, Jharkhand Secondary Examination Board, the Universities and Colleges comprise the education in Jharkhand.


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