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Godda came into existence as 55th district of undivided Bihar on 25th May, 1983 and became the 18th district of Jharkhand. Prior to its up-gradation to the status of a district it was a sub-division of Santhal Pargana district since 1855. In absence of basic infra-structure the district is still undeveloped. Godda District has a total area of 2110 sq kms and this district is having the height of 100.414 metres from the sea level. Godda District is situated between 24 degrees 47 minutes to 25 degrees 23 minutes northern latitude and between 87 degrees 8 minutes to 87 degree 48 minutes eastern longitude. The district is bounded by the district of Sahebganj in the north, Dumka district in the south, Pakur district in the east and Banka and Bhagalpur of Bihar in the west. The administrative headquarter of the District is Godda.

Geography :-
Geography of Godda District comprises hilly tracks, plains and vast forest lands. The eastern part from north to south is covered with forests whose area is near about 239.34 sq kms and is a hilly track. Its western side is plain. The climate of the district is of tropical region with hot dry summer, a good rainy season and cool winter. Maximum temperature is as high as 44 degree Celsius and the lowest is 5.8 degree Celsius. Thunder storms occur in pre-monsoon months. Dust storms also occur occasionally in the months of April and May. The average rainfall of the district is 1094 mm. Thus, the climate of the district has all characteristics of tropical belt. The soil is of poor quality comparatively and is not well suited for cultivation except that of north - west part of the district owing to undulating topography.

History of Godda District
No concrete historical evidences of Godda District are available. However, a number of stone weapons and tools such as axes, hammers, arrow-leads or agricultural implements found in the Santhal Pargana obviously confirmed the fact that like other parts of the world this region too had experienced the Stone Age. During the period of Turko-Afghan rule when Shershah Suri and his heirs were the administrators, this area was of strategic significance in course of getting possession over Bengal. The British rulers understood the strategic and economic importance of the area and exploited the area completely. In the beginning, the original Paharia Tribe proved an obstacle to such economic exploitation of the British rulers. Eventually, the people of Santhal tribal community rebelled against the British rulers in 1855. This rebellion was so strong that it compelled them to accord Santhal Pargana the status of a district separating it from Bhagalpur District and Birbhum District.

At Godda District, the primary occupation of the aboriginal tribes is hunting, sheep - rearing, animal husbandry and agriculture.


Godda at a Glance -


 240.47' to 250.23'  Northern


870.08' to 870.48' Eastern Longitude

Height from sea level

100 .414 metre.

Area (in sq. km.)

2,110 sq km

Temperature (in degree centigrade)

Maximum 44.210 C - lowest is 5.80C. 

Rainfall (in mm)




Literacy rate

 57.68 %

Main Tribes


Main minerals


Main crop


Languages spoken


Important Rivers


Nearest Railway Station


Nearest Airport


National Highway passing through District


Population density


Number of blocks


Number of villages


Population (Total)


Population (male)


Population (female)


Sex ratio


Administrative Division

Santhal Pargana division



Year of formation


Forest Area

239.34 sq. Kms

Places of Tourist Interest..

Kathibari - This location exhibits the invasion of Christian missionaries, you have St.Francis church as well known landmark to this region.
Kusumba - The church here is dedicated to St. Theresa of child Jesus, wherein expresses the loveable woman on earth who really sojourned, cared and reached the untreated. This church was built by Fr.Lucas in order to enhance spiritual living with humanitarianism.

How to get there
This district is well connected with road and rail routes, the nearest airport could be Patna of about 232 km from here.


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