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Jamtara is a newly formed district of Jharkhand State. It came into existence on 26th April   2001. The small district of Jharkhand state comprises of only 6 blocks. It was created by carving out four blocks from DUMKA District. The district is located at a lower altitude of Chhotanagpur plateau and its latitude and longitude vary form 230-10’ to 240-5’ north and 860-30’ to 870-15’ east, respectively.

The district is rich in minerals but there is no tourist interest spots around instead Jamtara is well known for a large number of venom snakes that creeps through the length and breath of the roads of Jamtara. The name of this spot is originated from the local tribal language, Jama (Santhali for Snake) and Tar ( Settlement/ Residence), Mihijam is the largest town in this spot wherein, it gives Doctors a routine work on taking care of snake bites in the region.

 It was a part of Birbhum under the Hetampur Raj and the Bardhaman Maharaja-Dhiraj.There are a few surviving former raj families in the district. Raja of Jamtara left everlasting impression on the culture and lives of the people of Jamtara and the adjoining area. The Zamindar family of Jamjuri had influence over a major portion of Kundahit and Fatehpur blocks. The region was disturbed during the Santal Insurrection of 1854-55 under Siddhu and Kanhu. It is said  that the insurgents moved village to village and gained sympathy. Legends are that one village headman, Gopal Mandal of Madhopur,now in Fatehpur Block, faced them with great honour, when all other villagers of the vicinity fled. He offered three muns of rice to the leaders and a night feast in the village ground. Scholar and intellectual Dr. Sharat Kumar Mandal is his grandson's grandson. Siddhu was captured at Ghatiyari, Narayanpur, now in this district. After the insurgence, a separate Santal Pargana district was created. Prior to the formation of Bihar, it was a part of Bengal. The people of this area speak Bengali, but Santali is the language of tribals. Hindi is widely spoken.


Jamtara at a Glance -


230-10’ to 240-5’ North


860-30’ to 870-15’ East

Height from sea level

175 Mts

Area (in sq. km.)

1,801.98 km2

Temperature (in degree centigrade)

2°C in Winter, 45°C in Summer

Rainfall (in mm)



Summer Season - March to May
Rainy Season - June to Septemper
Winter Season - October to February

Literacy rate


Main Tribes


Main minerals


Main crop


Languages spoken


Important Rivers


Nearest Railway Station


Nearest Airport


National Highway passing through District


Population density


Number of blocks


Number of villages


Population (Total)


Population (male)


Population (female)


Sex ratio


Administrative Division

Santhal Pargana division



Year of formation

26 April 2001

Forest Area



Places to see –

Parwat Vihar ParkParwat Vihar Park

Parwat Vihar Park is Located 5 Kms away from Jamtara Railway Station. It is a favourite Place for Tourists who came to Jamtara. It attracts children's very Much.The sunrise and sunset from here is a charming scene. It is situated in the Northern Side of the Jamtara.

How to get there
The district is well connected by road and rail route, the nearest airport is at Ranchi. Jamtara is located in north-eastern Jharkhand. In the North-East Dumka; in the North-West Giridih; in the South-West Dhanbad and in the South Burdhman(West Bengal) districts border the region.
By Air - Nearby Airports are Kolkata, Ranchi.

By Rail - Jamtara is on the Main line of the Eastern Railway from Howrah to Delhi and there are two more Railway station in Jamtara District on the Main line of the Eastern Railway from Howrah to Delhi, One is Chitranjan and another one is Vidyasagar.

By Road - Passenger buses run regularly from Ranchi, Dumka, Deoghar, Giridih, Asansol, Chitranjan and other places in Jharkhand to Jamtara.

Distance By Road
Jamtara to Ranchi - 250 Kms
Jamtara to Dhanbad - 72 Kms
Jamtara to Patna - 350 Kms
Jamtara to Kolkata - 250 Kms


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