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Khunti is the newly formed 24th district of Jharkhand.It is a vary small place.It is Surrounded from one side by Ranchi and With East Singhbhum from the other. It is one of the twenty-four districts in South Chotanagpur division of Jharkhand. The district of Khunti was carved out of Ranchi district on 12 September 2007.

It is historically known as the centre of activity of the Birsa movement. This district is known for being the birth place of Bhagwan Birsa Munada who led the Birsa movement during British raj Khunti town is the headquarters of the district. The place draws its name from Maharani Kunti of the Mahabharata fame. It is widely believed that she along with her five famous sons Pandavas was here during their year of anonymity.

As of 2011, it is the second least populous district of Jharkhand after Lohardaga. Khunti district has six community development blocks, namely, Arki, Karra, Khunti, Murhu, Rania and Torpa. Khunti is having 80 k.m. distance from Ranchi. The main source of income for majority of population in Khunti is agriculture and forests. Historically,. This district is also famous for lac production.

Khunti at a Glance -





Height from sea level


Area (in sq. km.)

2,611 km2

Temperature (in degree centigrade)


Rainfall (in mm)

1050 mm to 1500 mm



Literacy rate

64.51 %

Main Tribes

Munda, Pahariya, Asur, Birhor,
Dwijiya, Nagesia, etc.

Main minerals


Main crop

paddy, maize black gram and Mustard

Languages spoken


Important Rivers


Nearest Railway Station


Nearest Airport


National Highway passing through District


Population density


Number of blocks


Number of villages


Population (Total)


Population (male)


Population (female)


Sex ratio


Administrative division

South Chotanagpur division



Year of formation

12 September 2007

Forest Area



Tourist attractions:-

Panchghagh Falls : A spectacular place with five beautiful cascaded in a row, Panchghagh Falls, is placed in the scenic village Khunti. These five falls originates from high altitudes and the foot of the falls is good picnic spot, to have the exprience of bath under the gushing water.Recently these five falls have been attracting many tourists visiting Khunti for its eternal beauty, pristine surroundings and calm atmosphere.

Deer Park : The park is placed a picturesque surroundings, with beautiful gardens, well laid pathways and playing parks for children. The main attraction here is the Park safari and the facilities arranged for the visitors are very good.

Angrabadi Temple : Angrabadi temple complex, placed in the surroundings of tranquil beauty and in a calm and peaceful atmosphere, is a majestic temple complex in Khunti.The temple was renamed as Amreshwar Dham by the Sage Shankaracharya Swami Swarupananda Saraswathi. The temples are distinctive and enclose the Hindu Gods such as Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesh, Ram-Sita and Hanuman. Ram-Sita is a unique one worth visiting.This is a superb place to visit for spiritual enrichment and also for eye pleasing natural beauty and sceneries.

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