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Central Institute of Mining and Fuel Research     

CENTRAL INSTITUTE OF MINING & FUEL RESEARCH (CIMFR) Dhanbad is the newly formed national laboratory after amalgamation of CMRI and CFRI on the basis of their core competencies.
CIMFR Dhanbad is a constituent laboratory of CSIR would be the premier organization of the country providing basic research, R & D back up, advisory services and help in technology up-gradation & adaptation to coal and mineral based industries to reach the targeted production with high standards of safety, economy and cleaner environment.

The Central Fuel Research Institute (CFRI) and ISO 9001-2000 laboratory, established in the year 1946, was an internationally reputed Coal R&D laboratory. CFRI had proven expertise in the areas of Resource Quality Assessment, Coal Preparation, Carbonisation, Combustion and Gasification of inferior quality Indian Coal and Environmental Management & Fly Ash Utilisation. Besides, it had long-standing experience in the areas of Basic Research on Coal, Synthetic Fuels & Chemicals.

CFRI had aims to
  • Develop the Institute towards a user responsive, credible and self-sustaining R&D center for technology development and transfer.
  • Modernize the infrastructure for a higher level of expertise to undertake high technology projects.
  • Intensify the activities towards excellence relating to basic research for deeper understanding and develop new concepts for efficient energy utilization.
  • Enhancement of the institute as a premier School of Learning in the discipline of coal science and technology.
  • Ensure Human resource management.

Similarly the Central Mining Research Institute (CMRI) Dhanbad, an ISO 9001 Laboratory of CSIR was a premier organization of the country providing R& D back up, technical services and help in technology up gradation, technology adaptation to coal and mineral industries to reach the targeted production with high standards of safety and economy. The Laboratory was established in the year 1956 as Central Mining Research Station and in 1994 it was named as Central Mining Research Institute (CMRI).

CMRI had aims for
  • Developing total packages for optimum exploitation of mineral & complex coal deposits using improved technologies
  • Numerical modelling of mechanical behaviours of rock excavation and computer application in mines, tunnels and underground caverns from stability point of view
  • Development of methods and devices to improve safety performance and safety standards in mines
  • Environmental management, reclamation and development of innovative eco-friendly mining practices
  • Underground space technology
Departments of Central Institute of Mining and Fuel Research (CIMFR)
      The areas of Research at CIMFR in Jharkhand are:
  • Geo-Mechanics & Mine Design
  • Mine Systems Engineering
  • Bord & Pillar Design
  • Longwall Mining
  • Thick Seam Mining
  • Mine Support
  • Slope Stability
  • Mine Surveying And Subsidence
  • Mine Stowing And Filling
  • Small Scale Mining
  • Blasting
  • Disaster Management
  • Explosive Research
  • Explosive And Explosion
  • Mine Fire
  • Mine Ventilation
  • Coal Bed Methane & Degasification
  • Hydrology
  • Beach Placer Mining
  • Roof Support Testing
  • Material Testing
  • Electrical Testing
  • Metallurgy
  • Safety Wears
  • Mining Electronics
  • Instrumentation
  • Calibration
  • Energy Audit Cell
  • Geo Environment
  • Water Environment
  • Testing Cell
  • Environment Legislation
  • Business Development Information & Liaison
  • Science Communication & Publication Unit
  • Information Technology Centre
  • Human Resource Development
  • Bio Environment

Contact Details
Dr.Amalendu Sinha,
Central Institute of Mining and Fuel Research, Barwa Road,
Dhanbad – 826001,
Jharkhand, India
Phone   : 91-326-2296023, 2296006, 2296003, 2296004, 2296005
Fax      : 91-326 2296025
E-Mail  : dcmrips@yahoo.co.in/ director@cmri.nic.in
Website: www.cimfr.nic.in

CIMFR offers various facilities to the research scholars so as to facilitate them in their research work. The most prominent of all is a well stocked library with Internet facility, highly updated laboratories which are full of up to date machineries and instruments.


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