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National Metallurgical Laboratory     

The National Metallurgical Laboratory, one of the important research institutes at Jharkhand, is a part of the well acclaimed Council of Scientific and Industrial Research. It is third in the CSIR family of 38 laboratories.
The laboratory's foundation stone was laid in the year 1946 by the first and only Governor General of independent India, Shri C.Rajagopalachari but it started functioning since 1950. The laboratory is funded by Tata Industries Limited and Indian Steel and Wires Products Company.

The laboratory is involved in various kinds of work associated with technological and scientific research to facilitate the industrial development of the state, especially in the areas of minerals, metals and another type of elements called the advanced materials.

Aims of National Metallurgical Laboratory
The aim of National Metallurgical Laboratory of Jharkhand is to innovate, develop, transfer and standardise and provide specialised services such as Research and Development, Technology Transfer, consultancy. NML focuses on the standards and quality to support the scientific and industrial growth and success in the areas of Metals, Minerals and Advanced Materials, by putting our experienced team of scientists and engineers and wealth of state-of-the art technology and facilities to work.

The services offered by National Metallurgical Laboratory at Jharkhand are:-
  • Research and Development
  • Consultancy
  • Technology Development and Transfer
  • Scientific and Technical Services

  • The various areas of operations of National Metallurgical Laboratory at Jharkhand are:-
  • Minerals
  • Metals
  • Advanced Materials
  • Areas of R&D Activities:
    The areas in which National Metallurgical Laboratory offers Research and Development programs are:

    Industrial Processes:
  • Mineral Beneficiaiton,
  • Extraction of Metals,
  • Development of Refractories / Ceramics,
  • Process Optimisation and Modelling
  • Engineering Materials:
  • Synthesis and Development of Materials,
  • Materials Forming Processes,
  • Materials Characterisation
  • Resource and Environment Conservation:
  • Waste Utilization,
  • Secondary Metal Processing,
  • Corrosion and Protection,
  • Component Integrity Evaluation (CIEP) / Remaining Life Assessment (RLA),
  • Pollution Control;
  • Scientific and Technical Services:
  • Chemical Analysis,
  • Material Characterisation,
  • Testing and Evaluation,
  • Failure Analysis,
  • Engineering Consultancy,
  • Calibration,
  • Standard Reference Materials,
  • Training & Certification,
  • Hall Marking,
  • R & D Management and IP acquisition
  • National Metallurgical Laboratory has given the nation a lot in the sense of research and development in minerals, metals and advanced materials and a lot more is to come in future.

    Contact Details
    National Metallurgical Laboratory
    Jamshedpur - 831007
    Phone : 0657-2345000-001, 2345028, 2345205
    Fax: 91-6572345213, 2345153
    E-mail : nml@nmlindia.org, director@nmlindia.org
    Website: www.nmlindia.org


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