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Central University of Jharkhand

The Central University of Jharkhand came into existence on 1st March, 2009. The President of India, Her Excellency, Shrimati Pratibha Devisingh Patil, appointed Dr. Darlando T. Khathing, an internationally renowned scientist and a distinguished academic administrator, as its first Vice Chancellor. CUJ’s main focus will be on research in cutting-edge technologies.

The vision of The Central University of Jharkhand is to create a world class university in every aspect, be it research, teaching, administration or co-curricular activities, to produce world class students ready to excel in every chosen field with honour and uprightness.

The objectives of the University are to:

  • Disseminate and advance knowledge by providing instructional and research facilities in various disciplines
  • Make special provisions for Integrated Courses in:
      • Humanities
      • Social Sciences
      • Science & Technology
  • Promote innovations in teaching-learning process and inter-disciplinary studies and research
  • Educate and train manpower for the development of the country
  • Establish linkages with industries for the promotion of science and technology and
  • Pay special attention to the improvement of the social and economic conditions and welfare of the people, their intellectual, academic and cultural development.


University of Jharkhand Courses
The CUJ is focused on research and innovative teaching-learning processes. The Academic Sessions shall start from the month of June-July every year.
CUJ Academic Course:
The University offers 5-year Integrated Course that are carefully designed to meet the multidisciplinary needs of a Choice-based Credit system (CBCS) across 10 Semesters. In a CBCS, a student enrolling for a Mathematics degree has a choice of taking an optional Paper (for Credits) in, say, Mass Communication.In principle, a student could opt for a credit course from any other Central University, subject to availability of seats.

In the 5-year Integrated Programme, there is an entry/exit option in the 7th Semester. Admission will be based on the score obtained by a candidate in the Central Universities Common Entrance Test (CUCET).

Marks of candidates coming from the University of Cambridge will be based on the Association of Indian Universities criteria – in calculation of overall average percentage of marks of best 5 subjects, such candidates must include the best 5  A-Level subjects taken. If the number of A Level subjects falls short of 5, the remaining subjects maybe taken from O-Level for aggregating the overall percentage of marks of best 5 subjects.

CUJ Schools & Centers:
The following Schools have been approved by the U.G.C./ M.H.R.D/ Visitor

  • School for Management Sciences
  • School for Mass Communication & Media Technologies
  • School for Languages
  • School for Natural Sciences
  • School for Engineering & Technologies
  • School for Cultural Studies
  • School for Natural Resource and Management


 The details of the Centers and courses are given below:



Management Studies

Business Administration
Human Rights & Conflict Management

Mass Communication & Media Technology

Mass Communication


English Language

Natural Sciences

Applied Mathematics
Applied Physics
Applied Chemistry
Life Sciences

Engineering & Technologies


Cultural Studies

Indigenous Culture Study

Natural Resource & Management

Water Engineering & Management


Name of Centres & Degrees offered by University are given below:



5 Year Integrated M.A.
5 Year Integrated M.B.A.
5 Year Integrated M.A.
5 Year Integrated M.A.
5 Year Integrated M.A.
5 Year Integrated M.A.

1. Mass Communication
2. Business Administration
3. Indigenous Cultural Studies
4. English Language
5. Far East Languages (Chinese, Korean & Tibetan Languages)
6. International Relations

5 Year Integrated M.Sc.
5 Year Integrated M.Sc.
5 Year Integrated M.Sc.

1. Applied Physics
2. Applied Chemistry
3. Applied Mathematics

5 Year Integrated M.Tech.
5 Year Integrated M.Tech.
5 Year Integrated M.Tech.

1. Water Engineering& Management
2. Energy Engineering
3. Nanotechnology

5 Year Integrated M.Sc

1. Life Sciences

5 Year Integrated M.Sc.

1. Environmental Science


CUJ Contact Number

Central University of Jharkhand - Address
Ratu Lohardaga Road,
Brambe, Ranchi- 835 205.
Phone: 06531-294163
Website: www.cuj.ac.in

Vice-Chancellor - Prof Darlando T. Khathing
Phone: (+91) 6531-294160

Vice-Chancellor Secretariat - Fax: 06531-294161
Private Secretary to Vice-Chancellor
Sri Ujjwal kr. Chakravorty
Tel: 06531-294178
Registrar - Dr Shyam Narain
Phone: (+91) 06531-294182

Deputy Registrar/ I/c Examination, Finance
Dr. Kalipada Mohanta
Tel: 06531-294163
Email: pio@cuj.ac.in


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