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Water Falls

Jharkhand, the state is a states dotted with a number of tourist destinations.Ranchi is nature's bounty to mother India which has specially been adorned with falls and streams. Some of them are as follows: Dassam Falls formed out of Kanchi River is about 40 kms away from Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand situated near a village named Taimara near which flows the Kanchi river falling from a height of about 144 feet. Hundru Falls about 28 km. aways from Ranchi is formed out of Swarnarekha river having a height of 320 feet. The other important waterfalls in Jharkhand are Jonha Falls and Hirni Falls. From Dassam, you can also cover Panchghagh, by continuing on the diversion from Taimara to Khunti, Sadni, Lodh, Sugabandh and Mirchaiya are best covered if you are travelling between Netarhat and Betla.

Hundru Fall

Hundru fall is about 45 kms away from Ranchi Town. The Swarnarekha river falls from a height of 320 feet making a wonderful scene known as Hundru falls. At the base of the fall a beautiful pool is formed which allows visitors to take a good bath, but with precautions. During rainy season it takes a formidable form but in summer it turns in to an exciting picnic spot. The diverse shape of the rock adds splendour to the place, which has been shaped from the attrition by the frequent fall of water. The picturesque grandeur of Hundru falls mesmerize the tourists, and fill their hearts with delight.

People who spend their leisure time in Ranchi visit Hundru falls frequently. The place is also popular as one of the most admired trekking destinations in the state. Therefore, adventure lovers visit Hundru falls frequently. In the rainy season, the falls flow down creating fearsome environment, but in summer, they serve as a thrilling picnic place. The magnificence, luxury and attractiveness of the falls are incomparable. An English author, who wrote the 'Gazetteer of India' during British Empire, praised the place highly. He stated that the westerners would regard it as a place worth visiting even from remoteness.
Tourists can also visit Hundru falls from Ranchi via Ormanjhi-Sikidiri route. Visit Hundru falls to explore the natural glory of Ranchi and enjoy the various adventure sports here. A visit to the Hundru falls during Ranchi tours will always be memorable.

Jonha Fall

Named after the nearest village, Jonha is also known as Gautam Dhara as Lord Buddha is believed to have bathed here. A temple and ashram dedicated to Buddha was built atop GautamPahar by the sons of Raja Baldevdas Birla. A sign clearly proclaims that the ashram was originally meant for people of the Hindu faith as well as all branches ofarya dharm(Buddhists,Jains, Sikhs, Sanatani, Aryasamajis). Locals also call Jonha the Gunga Nala because the stream apparently comes from Ganga ghat. 453 steps take you down to the waterfall and to the farflung villages of Konardih and Duarsini on the other side of the stream. Across the bridge is a basic guest house run by the same Kurmi mahto caretakers of Jiling Siring village (literally,Long Boulder) who maintain the Kisan Bhavan Atithishala & Jalpangrih at the car park. They can rustle up a good meal of rice and desi murgi curry while you come back your trip.

GETTING THERE : From Ranchi take the NH-32 to Angarha. From there a left turn takes you 22 km to Hundru, whereas the straight road takes you to Jonha and Sita, 16 km from Angarha is Amrutbagan Chowk, from where a 5 km drive will take you to Jonha. 1 km short of Jonha is a diversion, from where a 5 km drive will take you to Sita.


Dassam Fall

About 40 km away from Ranchi on Tata Road falls a village named Taimara near which flows the Kanchi river. Falling from a height of about 144 feet Kanchi river makes a pretty fall called Dassam falls encircled with charming scenes. It is also known as Dassam Ghagh. The tourists are warned not to take bath in the falls or at least be careful while bathing in the stream. This fall has created the Dasham falls, which is bordered with verdant landscapes. The time between February and April is considered as an ideal period to visit the place.

Scenery around the falls is very much beautiful. Tourists visiting the Dasham falls get fascinated after viewing the scenery and glory of the place. Tourists from all over India come to visit this beautiful place, which must form an integral part of your Jharkhand itinerary. Natural beauty of the place attracts visitors throughout the year. Tourists can enjoy bathing in the stream, but they are advised to be cautious while taking a dip in the stream. The children are strictly warned not to take bath in the falls. Those who love swimming can enjoy it in the water of the Kanchi river. The Kanchi river is a nice place to enjoy some recreational activities like river rafting, swimming and other water sports.

GETTING THERE : Situated about 40 km from Ranchi off the Ranchi Tata highway, you take a right turn from NH-33 at Taimara. 3 km after crossing Taimara, there's a diversion from where a left takes you to Dassam and the right, to Khunti.


Panch Gagh Falls

Located on way to Simdega via Khunti, Panchghagh is the collective name for a group of five waterfalls (punch ghagh in the dehatl tongue) formed in a row due to the breaking up of the Banai river. Cemented walkways connect the different cataracts, of which stream 2 is the most popular while 5 is the biggest, though a bit inaccessible. You can walk down from the tourist shelter to the base of stream 2. Further downstream is a forest patch with a clearing that's a very popular haunt for picknickers. The distance of this waterfall is about 55 kms from Ranchi.

GETTING THERE : From Ranchi, head south on the road to Chaibasa, drive past Khunti and 4 km after Murhu, turn right from Panchghagh mod and drive 11/2 km to the car park, a total distance of 55 km from Ranchi. Parking Rs.10.

Hirni Fall

The Ramgarha river which travels 12 km through dense jungles, plunges down in a broad torrent as Hirni, From the car park, a walkway to the left takes you to the other side of the river to a tourist hut whereas steps to the right lead up to the top of the hill. From an observation tower at the top you can see the mighty fall and the jungles that lie beyond. A little further up there's a bridge spanning the river and a shed. A tourist complex with a restaurant and lodging facility is currently under construction near the car park. The caretaker Lemsa Purti recounts how his ancestors migrated from further upstream after they saw a rat afloat on a piece of wood. Which is why, of all the totemic clans, the Chutia (rat in their language) Purtis revere the rat and do not harm it. Lemsa conjectured that the name Hirni perhaps comes from the profusion of deer in the area. Even today, the limestone kohs (caves) deep inside the jungles above, are home to beasts like tigers, bear and porcupine.

GETTING THERE: About 75 km from Ranchi on the road to Chaibasa, Hirni is 22 km further from Panchghagh.


Lodh Fall

Lodh Fall is 61kms from Netarhat. The waters of the Burha river flow from Chhattisgarh and fall into Jharkhand from a height of 468 feet, making it the highest cataract in the state. Earlier known as Burha Ghagh, the waterfall dashes down the rocks from three sides, its white waters glinting in the sun. From the car park, there's a forest trail interspersed by 255 steps though you can hear the sound of crashing waters from afar.

From Netarhat, drive 40 km to Mahuadanr, from where Lodh is a 19 km diversion. Drive straight from Shastri Chowk and turn left from the pond at Pandridippa.

It is about 32 km away from Ranchi and is situated on Rarhu river. It has a fall of 55 feet.

It is a beautiful water fall at the distance of 6 Km on the west of Chatra on way to Maloodah. The water falls in the reservoir from the height of 30 ft. On all the three sides there are rocks and in middle there is a reservoir 

This waterfall on river Shankh is also very picturesque. It has drop of about 200 feet.

It is the highest waterfall of Jharkhand with a fall of 465 feet. It is on river Burha in Palamu district.

It is about 7 km north of Netarhat with a drop of 140 feet.

This waterfall is spotted on the confluence of the Damodar and the Bhera ricers in Rajrappa under Ramgarh district.

Moti Jharna:
It is on river Ajay and the water drop is of about 50 meters.

This fall is 30 km from Bishunpur Block of Gumla district. It is a source of water for river Ghaghra.

It is about 3 km southeast of Simdega district as perennial channel running through two hillocks.

It is amidst in the range of the famous Parasnath Hills, the Usri River fall down from a steep gorge, some 40 feet high in three separate streams. Located about 14 km away from east of Giridih Town.

It is 8 km away from Chatra district of Jharkhand on the North-west part. This water fall is in three parts, between two hill rocks.

It is 8 km away of Chatra district of Jharkhand on the west. The water falls from the height of about 50 ft. without touching the sides of the hillocks. It has been cut in semi circle with steep walls.

At Dharagiri, 6 miles north of Ghatshila district of Jharkhand, there is a water fall 20 feet high, the legend about which is that the flow of the water is diverted if any man whose mother is not chaste places his head.


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